Ever been in love with the world and everything around you? I catch myself sometimes feeling butterflies in my stomach for no apparent reason other than to be present with a view of the Portuguese landscape. Is that even possible to be in love with life instead of with a person? This is actually what we yogis are trying to achieve, isn’t it? Just to be happy with whatever is present. 

Portugal has always been the love of my life. Anybody who knows me – even a little – knows this. I was a baby when my parents first took me to the Algarve because of its healthy climate. Later, as a teenager, I dragged many of my friends along for summer holidays and as a young adult, I started to investigate the rest of Portugal traveling to Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto, Alentejo, Serra da Estrela etcetera. Since I had a big crush on this country for some reason no wonder I would fall in love with men, again and again, who would either live here or had the same infatuation with this incredible piece of land. 

I’ve always had the longing to live in southern Europe – Italy, Spain or Portugal… As I studied in Italy for a year, it might have made more sense to move there. But somehow I always missed the Algarve more – its sweet air, red earth and endless sense of space. So in 2015, I quit my full-time job in Amsterdam as a retail and wholesale manager to pursue my ambitions as a yoga teacher in Portugal. What better place is there to teach “the bearable lightness of being” through yoga in a country so full of light!

I found a beautiful place to stay when I’m in the Algarve, 10 minutes from my favorite beach, Praia da Marinha, with its stunning cliffs. This is where I prefer to do my daily yoga practice. This is where I feel connected and tuned in. This to me is h(OM)e!