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Namasté, my name is Lara!

I’m a certified yoga teacher
and a holistic entrepreneur dedicated to helping you
grow your healthy and happy lifestyle!

I’ve been teaching yoga classes since 2010 and my teaching is based on 20 years of yoga experience. My main teachers have been Patrick and Gosta, the founders of Svaha Yoga Amsterdam, where I’ve done my teacher training in 2009.

I share my (com)passion through a variety of yoga styles such as VINYASA, HATHA, YIN, MANTRA and PARTNER YOGA and I teach from my heart, intuition, and my personal experiences.

My aim is to inspire and guide you to take charge of your own peace and happiness. I’m not here to fix you, that’s up to you. I can only show you where to look so you can become your own healer.

The practice and experience of yoga have helped me turn my physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles into valuable and vital challenges. So whenever life throw’s me one, I’m ready to face the music without losing my joy for life. I wish the same for you.

Therefore, it’s my purpose and pleasure in life to share my passion for yoga with YOU!

As a yoga teacher, I can only tell you where to look.

I can’t tell you what to see

Born and bred in Amsterdam, I’ve studied Film & Television at the University of Amsterdam, owned a fashion boutique in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, and had managing jobs assisting designers such as Hester van Eeghen and Jan Jansen.

I’ve been traveling to Portugal every year since the age of one. Somehow I’ve always felt very strongly connected to this beautiful country and its people. Therefore, in 2015 I decided to quit my office job, follow my heart and intuition, and become an independent yoga entrepreneur.

The Portuguese name Quinta da Yoga came to me in a dream and it translates to ‘yoga estate’ or ‘yoga farm’. Quinta also means ‘fifth’ and hints to the five basic elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air and ether/space) and the five bodies of our human system: the physical, vital, emotional, intellectual, and bliss bodies.

My own yoga farm (studio) in Portugal is not a physical reality yet but my “state” is very much dedicated to yoga as I travel from Amsterdam to the Algarve, and beyond. I feel at home whenever and wherever I teach the magnificent and timeless science of yoga.

So, namasté again! Thank you so much for being here! My name is Lara and I’m the founder of my dream: Quinta da Yoga.

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If you want to be an acrobat, I’m not for you.

Wonder why?

I don’t teach Circus. I teach how to get out of the circus.

~ Lara