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How about a private yoga class with full attention to your needs? Do you invest as much interest and undivided attention in your body and mind as in your latest I-phone? When did you update or renew yourself? Discover what a private yoga therapy can do for you. 


Private classes cater to one or two persons and are tailored to your individual needs and interests. They offer the perfect opportunity to develop and deepen your yoga practice because you get full personal attention! If you’re new to yoga, joining a group class may be too big a step. Or maybe you can’t make it to group classes due to your daily schedule. Private yoga coaching or tutoring will help you develop self-confidence and offers the flexibility of time and place. Even if you are used to attending yoga group classes, personal

consults can give you an added focus and help you integrate the principles of yoga into your daily life. You gain awareness and control of habits causing pain or unbalance in different aspects of your life. This knowledge is real wealth!

PRIVATE FOR 1: €45,- (book 5-classes, pay only 4)
PRIVATE FOR 2: €60,-
*additional travel expenses depending on location

Invest in yourself and book a personal consult!

Private sessions are especially beneficial for those recovering from an injury, operation or illness or for people struggling with:

  • Eating disorder
  • Depression
  • Back pain

  • Sleeping disorders
  • Addiction
  • Migraines

*If you live or stay in the area of Carvoeiro (Lagoa), you can book a private class. Classes are offered in English or Dutch.
*On request, private sessions can be shared with a small group of friends at your home. The price for these sessions will be discussed.