What’s Shining On The Horizon?


Play yoga with us in the sand on the beaches of the Algarve! Yoga on the beach is a completely different experience than in a studio. You’ll be challenged by sand, sea, and the sun. The sand might be wet, the waves might sound wild, and the sun will be bright. Balancing postures will be extra challenging but if you fall, at least you’ll land softly! The trick is to immerse yourself in nature, get sand in your hair and catch the wind under your wings! Nature is here to support and heal you. 


TIME & PLACE may vary depending on the weather and the season. Regular beaches are in the area of Benagil, Carvoeiro, Praia da Rocha, and Alvor. Tourist or resident, beginner or pro, you are welcome to join these classes.

NOTE: If you don’t enjoy to be sand- and sun-kissed, these classes are not for you! Wonder why? Because this is what beach yoga is all about!

The sand will tickle you,

the wind will caress you,

and the ocean will calm you down.


Celebrate Life Together

Are you planning a bachelor party or a corporate “get together”? If you’d like to organize a private yoga & friends session in the Algarve we’re here to help you plan it for the day and location of your choice. Simply send us an EMAIL

Yoga classes make great gifts! 


YES! What a great combination: jogging and yoga or YOGGING! We run, walk along the cliffs and practice basic yoga asanas with a spectacular ocean view. What better way to start your day and spice up your life. Are you living in the area of Praia da Marinha? Would you like to join us this Fall? Follow our trail on FACEBOOK.

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