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A yoga retreat offers more peace and quiet than a regular holiday. It’s an investment in yourself.  A treat to the whole of you – your body, mind, and soul.


YOGA ASANA: Every retreat has a mix of different styles of yoga. In the morning we’ll practice more Sun Salutations to wake up the body. In the evening we’ll focus more on slowing down with Yin yoga. In summer we favor more cooling Yin practice and in winter more warming Yang. So the emphasis depends on the season and the time of the day. Naturally, we adjust the asana practice to your personal needs.

PRANAYAMA: Physical and mental problems are often related to the insufficient use of breath. Something so natural and essential, yet so easy to neglect: the fuel for our life force! When the quality of our breath decreases, so will our life energy or prana as its called in Sanskrit. In every retreat, we spend the time to explore and learn the benefits of breathing exercises to stimulate the life energy in your body. You will learn how to guide your breath with loving attention to create space, energy, awareness, and peace in your body and mind.

CHANTING: You don’t need to be a vocalist to chant mantras. Japa, or the repeated chanting of a mantra, is a very powerful tool to prepare you for meditation. You can use these mantra’s to calm your mind and deepen your breath anywhere, anytime. We start and end classes with the traditional ‘OM’ mantra. But we’ll also chant other mantras such as the Gayatri Mantra and Om Mani Padme Hum.

MEDITATION: During the retreat, you will discover the magic of meditation. There are many ways to meditate, in silence or with the use of sound, and we’ll explore a few techniques. Meditation is the actual experience of union or yoga. The experience of the interconnectedness of every- and nothing. How you will benefit from meditation is something you better experience for yourself. No explanation will do it justice.


This is an example of your yoga days in the retreat. Times may vary depending on the season and the weather. One meal a day is not included, usually, lunch because this will give you the opportunity to go out, spend the afternoon on the beach, and explore the beautiful surroundings.


7:00 – 9:00 Yoga & Meditation

10:00 Breakfast


10:30 – 17:00 Free Time


17:00 – 20:00 Yoga & Meditation

20:00 Dinner


FARO AIRPORT – is small and easy to get out of, which will save you a lot of energy. So if possible we advise you to fly to Faro when you come to a retreat in the Algarve.
LISBON AIRPORT – is much bigger but you could use the opportunity to add a few days to visit this amazing city. There’s a comfortable bus going directly from Lisbon to Lagoa for €20,- (one-way ticket). We can pick you up from the Lagoa bus station.

*flights are never included in the package.
*flights are non-refundable