dancing-shiva-yoga-2Now, Strike a Pose!


Hatha Yoga classes at Quinta da Yoga are designed for students interested in the traditional approach to yoga. Students are taken through a slow but progressive series of traditional postures that systematically improve flexibility and strength, while relieving chronic muscular tension due to stress. You learn the process of safe alignment, breathing techniques and the use of props to support you in your practice.

Hatha Yoga classes aim to achieve bodily balance and purification. The ha in Sanskrit means sun and tha means moon. The sun and the moon represent all pairs of opposites in the world: male and female, yin and yang, up and down, left and right… So Hatha Yoga literally means the yoking of the sun and the moon. Through practice we build a bridge between our individual experience and our divine source. When this dual state is overcome, the illusion of separateness is destroyed. How cool is that?!

Hatha yoga classes are suitable and effective for every level of experience.